Photo to Canvas Free Options

We have kept it simple at Photobirdy. Photos to canvas at discount prices with FREE options: We do not charge you for any of the extras or options below. Everyone gets the best with Photobirdy and we automatically canvas wrap onto 1.5” frames. No extra charge ! We wanted to be different and give the very best possible service to our customers at the very best possible prices. You can choose which of the FREE options below you require, in step 2 of the order process.

You're FREE Choices of Gallery Wrap: We offer 3 choices for you to choose from. They are based on how you would like your photo to look on the canvas and how it is wrapped around the edges. Much depends on your original photo. You choose what you like and the option is Free whatever you choose.

Picture Wrap Canvas
Mirror Wrap Canvas
White Wrap Canvas
1. Picture Wrap
2. Mirror Wrap
3. White Wrap


  1. Picture Wrap
    We simply wrap the outer 2 inches (50mm) of the canvas around the wooden edge of the frame. This forms the sides of your canvas. If this is your choice, there must be enough space around your photos, particularly at the top, but also sides and bottom to permit this. So if your photo is of a person make sure there the person's head, or feet, or arm is not at the very edge of the photo. Or when the canvas is wrapped it will go over the edge of the face of the canvas onto the sides. If your object or person in the photo is right close to the edges, choose option 2 or 3 below.

  2. Mirror Wrap
    The outer 2 inches (50mm) are copied, flipped and butted up to the picture, so that the picture appears to continue. This is ideal and necessary for close-cropped photos where faces or people are right to the edge. This means your main part of the photo remains on the front of the canvas. We use skilled operators and state-of-the-art machinery to do this.

  3. White Wrap
    The outer 2 inches (50mm) are added in white and this forms the edge of your canvas. Once again keeping you main part of you photo on the front face of the canvas.

    Then Choose Your Bonus FREE Options

  4. Conversion to Black and White or Sepia
    Fancy a change ? Your photo to canvas can look fabulous in black and white, or Sepia. So why not try it ? We are happy to convert your colour photo to black and white, or Sepia producing the final image on a quality canvas. This option we do FREE of charge.

    Original Canvas
    Black & White Canvas
    Sepia Canvas
    Black & White


  5. Red Eye Removal & Date Stamp Removal
    If you find your photo has red eye or a date stamp on it, then we can help remove this for you. Your photo to canvas can look so much better with it removed. This option we do FREE of charge.

    Date Stamp Removal Before Canvas
    Date Stamp Removal After Canvas
    Date Stamp Removal Before
    Date Stamp Removal After


    Red Eye Removal Before Canvas
    Red Eye Removal After Canvas
    Red Eye Removal Before
    Red Eye Removal After


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