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Mothers Day is a special day that is put aside to celebrate all that Mothers do and all that mothers are. It is normally for family members to thank their mum’s for being there for them and to celebrate the fact they are a most important part of the family. In the UK, Mother's Day takes place on the 4th Sunday in the month of Lent. Since the Lent days are not fixed, the date for mother’s Day changes every year. Mothers Day was celebrated in the UK in the 17th century as Mothering Sunday. Today, Mothering Sunday is more commonly called Mothers Day in England.

On this day children give flowers and bouquets to their mother to express their love for them. Older children might buy a small gift or present as way of thanking them; nowadays many people like to buy something special that their mum will remember and keep for years to come. This is why photos printed onto canvas have become so popular; as they make the perfect Mothers Day gift.  A lovely photo of mum’s children printed onto a quality canvas. A gift that any mother would love to receive and one she can truly cherish and enjoy for many years. If you would like to order your mother’s day photo on canvas please go to to our photos on canvas order page and upload your photos.

England was the first country in the world to dedicate a day for mothers and it was first celebrated as early as 1600s. They called this day for mothers as 'Mothering Sunday'. The festival has its roots in the practice wherein poor people in England send their little children to work as domestic servants or apprentice with the rich. At that time it was considered important by the people that these children, staying away from their families be allowed to visit their homes once in a year. The time decided for the annual visit to home was middle Sunday of Lent (a preiod from Ash Wednesday to Easter). In England mother’s day was more commonly called Mothering Sunday as children visited their 'Mother Church' or the church of their home. After paying a visit to church, children met their mothers and gave them gifts of flowers and the girls would bake special cakes which they ate with a cup of tea.

Mothering Sunday stopped with the advent of Industrial Revolution in England when the working conditions and life styles changed. Over the period of time one Sunday - 4th Sunday in Lent (3 weeks before Easter) was reserved in the honor of mothers. Currently mothering Sunday has become mother’s day which is the term used in the US.

Printing photos on canvas has fast become a favourite gift for many children to give their mothers on mother’s day. Often it is a photo of the children or maybe even grandchildren.  You can see ideas for photos on canvas at our photos canvas ideas page. Check it out for other canvas print examples. A Mother’s day photo canvas makes a superb gift. So why not save some money and ask Photobirdy to help you. Our prices are super affordable.  Even better, Photobirdy does them at super affordable prices.  Order you mother’s day canvas now and put a smile on mum’s face.

Mothers Day in the UK dates

2011 - April 03
2012 - March 18
2013 - March 10
2014 - March 30
2015 - March 15
2016 - March 06

Helpful Tip

Before you send any files simply check them and make sure they are high quality images with a high resolution. Most digital cameras produce high quality photos if you have them set correctly and they are perfect for printing the photo onto canvas. Please remember to check your digital photos are at least 4MB or larger and at least 300 dpi. We accept JPEG, TIFF, and BMP files. So don't delay, order today and start to save those special memories.

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