Terms & Conditions: Questions and Answers

Who is photobirdy.co.uk ?

Photobirdy.co.uk is a discount photo to canvas web site. Photobirdy have an exclusive association with who we consider to be the best in the UK for converting photos to canvas prints. That is Bishops (Hayling Island) Ltd who have long specialised in digital printing including the printing of photos onto canvas; but also helping many artists from all over the world, turn their original artwork into a fabulous limited edition prints. Their team of digital print professionals has over twenty years experience in computer based technology and printing mediums. With their background in creating limited edition prints for artists it means you benefit from a vast knowledge of expertise in colour management and printing onto canvas. This was why we chose them to print all your photos onto canvas.

Do you supply professional photographers, galleries, retail outlets and trade organisations?

Yes if you have a specific quantity and it is more than 10 of the same image we are happy to discuss terms.

Which credit cards do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards - MasterCard, Visa, Maestro/Switch, Solo and Visa Electron.

Order Forms & Order System:

There is one form for customer order details and one for payment with PayPal. It is your responsibility to complete this correctly and check it carefully before you click Order or complete the transaction. Also it is your responsibility to check your order and make sure you have clicked the right options and chosen what you want correctly. It is a simple process and only requires you to check it before sending the Order to us. Photobirdy.co.uk and Bishops (Hayling Island) Ltd waiver any responsibility for incorrect ordering and cannot be held accountable for an order being incorrectly completed by the user or person ordering the canvas. We can only do what is asked of us within the order process so please check it carefully before sending.


Please don’t send us photos or images that are copyrighted by other people or companies. When you send us your image or photo, you acknowledge that you are the copyright owner of this image or photo; or you are acknowledging you have obtained permission in writing from the copyright owner in written form, which permits us to print it in accordance with your order. It is your sole responsibility to make sure you adhere to this. Photobirdy cannot be held accountable for this and waives all liabilities in this respect. Please note, you confirm your agreement to this condition by clicking on the Order button and completing the order with us. Photobirdy.co.uk and Bishops (Hayling Island) Ltd waiver any responsibility due to copyright infringement and it is your responsibility to make sure you own your photos that you send.


Delivery of your canvas is normally within 3-5 days from the date of acceptance of payment by our payment system. Although we do everything possible to deliver your canvas order to you within 3-5 days after payment has been accepted by our payment system. However at peak times, or very busy periods, such as Christmas or other national celebrations and/or if we have a large number of big orders, it may take longer. Please do try to understand we do our best to always get your order to you as quickly as possible and it is normally sent once payment is received. You can of course contact us at anytime if you have not received the order from our specialist delivery service. We can then check with our delivery service to see where you order was delivered to, or why it has not arrived. All orders provide us with a delivery sent slip so we know where and when the order was sent and if it was delivered. Thank you for your understanding.

Goods returned

All our canvas prints are provided as a bespoke service. We print what you ask us for, based on your digital files, the selections you make, and any of the relevant terms and conditions herewith. Therefore, you MUST ensure before ordering that you have checked all the relevant requirements, and selected all the relevant choices. PhotoBirdy cannot be held responsible for your selections, so check with care before you order.

Due to the bespoke status of these artworks, items that are delivered as requested and in good condition may not be returned. Goods damaged in transit must be signed as such on arrival, and you must notify us within seven days of any such damage and return the goods to us within 7 days. On receiving the damaged goods we will then analyse the damage and if it is the fault of packing, or delivery, we will redo your canvas at no extra charge as replacements for your damaged goods. We do not replace damaged goods or damaged canvas that has been damaged by yourself or a third party; only if the damage has been caused during the duration of the transit to your delivery address.

Children under 18 years of age

Persons who are under the age of 18 years are not allowed to order from this web site. It is the sole responsibility of any parent to make sure their children do not use this web site and take responsibility if they do; Photobirdy.co.uk and Bishops (Hayling Island) Ltd waiver any responsibility in such matters.

Web Site & Logo Copyright and Ownership Rights

Photobirdy is owned and protected under international and individual country copyright laws. All design and graphics have been created for Photobirdy and sole ownership rights remain. The rights of ownership remain protected. The Photobirdy logo was an idea created specifically and uniquely for this web site and is protected under international and individual country copyright laws and regulations. Any unlawful use of any graphic, logo or design aspect of this web site, will be prosecuted under international or individual country laws guided by and within the rights of protection of ownership and intellectual property rights and regulations. Please do not use the Photobirdy logo without permission from the rightful owners of this copyrighted image. Any use without permission will be prosecuted. The logo remains the intellectual property of the owners of this web site.


Photobirdy.com and Bishops (Hayling Island) Limited do their very best to produce prints onto canvas to the highest quality we possibly can. It is the responsibility of each customer and user of this web site to check carefully their order and their photos; and to complete details correctly. If at any time you have a problem with this web site you can contact us and if we can help, we will.

We produce only 1.5" deep gallery wrapped photo to canvas prints. There may be very slight variance in this thickness of size and customers must accept this is an approximate depth.

The canvas prints we produce are based on the size and quality of the customer's digital image. It is the responsibility of each customer to make sure the quality and resolution are satisfactory and the size is correct and of good enough quality to produce canvas prints.

Our professional photo to canvas team will decide the best orientation for your photo to canvas print. If you order a panoramic or landscape, or square, or any size of canvas; our operators will use their best knowledge and experience to decide which way to place the photo onto the canvas. When ordering from us and completing the order process, you are accepting this and agree to allow the professional photo to canvas operator to make that decision for you.

Any and all images, or photos displayed on this web site, are to provide ideas only for canvas prints. They are either customers photos and we have permission to use them or they are purchased direct from photographic resources web sites such as bigstockphoto.com and the copyright remains with them; and/or the original copyright owner. We have purchased the right to use them on this web site. All images are to show potential customers what can be created or as ideas. Photobirdy.co.uk and anyone associated with this web site or any producers (print companies), of photo on canvas prints for photobirdy.co.uk, waiver all liability, and waiver any misuse of such images by third parties or users of this web site. Any and all use, of images or photos by this web site is with good intention and was purchased for marketing and ideas purposes only.

If you are unsure please contact us and ask.

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